Next steps in the abolition of aging

This page will be updated with information likely to be of interest to the community of people who have read The abolition of aging.


Updates and corrections will be provided here.

To provide feedback

Here are two ways to provide feedback about the book (including questions or comments):

  • Add information to one of the H+Pedia pages mentioned below
  • Provide a comment to this dw2blog post


Pointers will be provided for the types of knowledge identified towards the end of the book as needing clarity:

  • The community’s best thoughts as to credible roadmaps for progress that can be made in the rejuveneering project in the years ahead
  • The strengths and weaknesses of various theories of aging
  • The treatments and therapies that are being developed or which are proposed
  • The lifestyle changes which have the best chance, upon adoption, to keep individuals alive and healthy until such time as “Bridge 2” therapies become available
  • The history of the overall field (to avoid needless repetition of previous mistakes)
  • The broader political, social, psychological, and philosophical dimensions of rejuveneering
  • The projects which are actively looking for assistance, and which the community judges to be worthy of support
  • The memes of various sorts, at any given time, which are the most effective at winning new supporters and in responding to criticism
  • The skills which are in short supply within the community, and the best ways in which various skills can be deployed in support of the rejuveneering goals
  • The areas where genuine differences of opinion exist, and the proposed methods for how the community may be able to resolve these differences
  • The risks which the community is tracking, and the proposed mitigations for these risks.

Much of this information will be provided via H+Pedia.

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