This page lists speaking engagements by the author of The Abolition of Aging, David Wood, on the themes of this book.

Note: see https://deltawisdom.com/videos/ for past talks by the author on other subjects.

Forthcoming presentations

Funzing LDN Talks at Night

David Wood will be speaking in Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL on 26 June, subject “Can we abolish aging?” (use code ‘ageing10‘ for 10% discount from the normal Funzing entry fee)

RAADfest, San Diego

Moderating a panel on “Current age reversal breakthroughs” at RAADfest, San Diego, California, 9-13 August

Previous presentations

A selection of previous speaking events:

London Futurists

David Wood gave a presentation about “Scenarios for the future of healthy life extension” at a London Futurists event on 25th June 2016.

Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing, Brussels

Presentation on “Scenarios for the future of healthy life extension” on 1st October 2016 in Brussels.

International Longevity & Cryonics Summit, Madrid

Vidaplus Foundation conference in Madrid on 25-27 May 2017.

RethinkX Future of Healthcare, Manchester

Workshops on “Radical scenarios for the future of health” at the RethinkX conference on the Future of Healthcare in Manchester on 25 March 2017.

Cambridge University Longevity Society

Presentation on 19th January 2017 in the Engineering Department, Cambridge, on “The Case for the Abolition of Aging”.

Oxford Longevity Society

Presentation on “The Abolition of Aging” at Hertford College, Oxford, on 24th November 2016.

The Giant Health Event, Southbank, London

Presentation on 16th November 2016 on “Four scenarios for the future of life extension: our choice”.

Conway Hall Ethical Society

Talk on “The Abolition of Aging?” on Sunday 25th September 2016 at London’s Conway Hall.

Note: selected text from this presentation was included in an article in the November Ethical Record (published by Conway Hall Ethical Society).

Virtual Futures Summer Symposimum

Presentation on The Future of Aging: Our Choice at Virtual Futures Summer Symposium at Lights of Soho, London , on 16th August 2016.

World Future 2016

David Wood spoke on the panel “The Future of Health, Wellness & Longevity” at World Future 2016 in Washington DC on 24th July 2016.

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