Note: as the pre-publication phase has now finished, this page is no longer in effect. But it is being preserved here for archive purposes.

The book “The abolition of aging” is currently undergoing pre-publication reviews.

This is your chance to assist the overall rejuveneering project, by helping to improve the content of this book before it is distributed more widely.

To request preview copies of up to two chapters, please send an email to the author, specifying which chapter(s) you’d like to receive. (Check the table of contents here and a discussion of the contents here.) Please allow 24-48 hours for a reply.

TAoA Cover page v11

The author is particularly interested in the following kinds of feedback:

  1. Things reviewers found new, thought-provoking, or especially compelling
  2. Errors in the content (e.g. facts stated wrongly, or spurious apocryphal stories being repeated uncritically)
  3. Mistakes in spelling or grammar, long-winded sentences, or passages that are too dense
  4. Parts that were too difficult to understand (especially for the intended general readership audience)
  5. Assessments and judgements in the book with which reviewers disagreed
  6. Anything reviewers think was missed out, that should be included (though at 134,000 words, the book arguably needs trimming down in size, rather than lengthening)
  7. Recommendations for how the book can best be published (the default plan is self-publishing)
  8. Any other ways in which the book might be changed, in order to meet its goals more effectively.

Reviewers who submit helpful comments will be offered the opportunity to read other portions of the draft book as well, and (unless they request anonymity) will be publicly thanked in the acknowledgements section.

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